What’s the difference between a gym and Beauty and the Beast Mode Fitness?


The Answer is Simple….


Gyms just give you access to equipment

They don’t give you workouts that are designed to help you achieve your goals, they don’t have an accountability system to keep you motivated, and coming in and they don’t have a trainer guiding you through your workouts like we do here at Beauty and the Beast Mode Fitness & Wellness.

 I’m confident that once you experience a Beauty and the Beast Mode Fitness workout you’ll fall in love with fitness and the results that you’ll get.

So while gyms just give you access to equipment there’s really no other guidance, motivation, accountability or support. They don’t focus on giving results, they just give you access to a gym and hope you know how to work out and get back into shape.

At Beauty and the Beast Mode Fitness we’re committed to results and helping you reach and maintain your goals.

See, that’s the whole point you aren’t getting a gym membership, you’re getting results because of our accountability system, our customized workouts, our nutritional coaching, and professional personal trainers.

That’s why I have trainers: to keep you working your hardest, to keep you coming regularly, and to keep you motivated every step of the way until you achieve your fitness goals.

You can rest assured that you’re going to get great workouts and achieve amazing results when you work out here in our clean, modern and professional fitness studio.

As a health and fitness expert I have dedicated my life to educating,empowering  and inspiring my clients to live a sustainable, healthy life.

It is my goal to equip you with information to become the best version of yourself. To improve your health and make your entire life better, and more awesome. It’s a way for you to discover the amazing things your body can do.

It’s about embracing the truth that numbers don’t define your self-worth.

Knowing that exercise is not punishment and you don’t have to earn your food.

It’s about using health and fitness as a tool for empowerment, to improve your self confidence, and achieve any goals you have (e.g., lose fat, build muscle, etc) in a fun, sustainable way. And, finally, health and fitness is meant to be part of your life; not consume it.

It is my ultimate mission to motivate, inspire and educate people just like you to get the most out of life and your body! I know it can be frustrating, confusing and overwhelming when you want to see change but  just don’t know where to start.

I’m with you because I know how it feels!

I left my IT career of 15 years to pursue my passion for Fitness so I know how difficult it is to find enough time during the day for yourself!


I have been through fitness in my 20’s 30’s and 40’s and will be the first to say that what we need to do in order to get results varies by each decade.

The last thing I am going to tell you is that it’s easy. Life isn’t about how you are on your best day but how you are on your WORST! What I do know is that we need the tools to overcome what life throws at us. I have been through fitness in my 20’s 30’s and 40’s and will be the first to say that what we need to do in order to get results varies by each decade.

 When it comes to my journey, I remember various times when life became more than I could handle including the past year.  Leaving my long term stable career is the scariest thing I have done.

The next thing you know you have gained weight or are experiencing pain and can not get out of the viscous cycle.  The motivation to exercise is completely lost which leads you feeling defeated.  As time goes on you don’t even realize your health is declining until it’s too late.

But there are solutions! There are ways to get better and enable us to get control of our lives again. By working with me, you will acquire a better relationship with exercise, as I create a unique fitness program that will never feel like a chore.

You are not just a number here but a cherished client!

Our Clients Are The Best

We look forward to hearing about you and your goals!

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